Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Surprising Origins of the Vibrator

A while back, I promised myself that I'd see the Maggie Gyllenhall movie "Hysteria" - and I finally did last week. The film is set in 1880's Victorian Britain and follows a young MD as he takes a new position in a medical practice devoted to the treatment of "lady problems" - frigidity, anxiousness and hysteria - hence the movie's title. Without giving too much away, the doctor and his compatriots - almost out of sheer necessity - develop the first electric vibrator. Perhaps it's my gallows humor or my general comfort with topics related to sex, but I thought the movie was fantastic; I dare to say even "hysterical" at moments. The film is apparently historically-accurate but was available in limited-release only and unfortunately, did not make alot at the box office. Pity. It's available on-demand on cable and if you're looking for a cheeky, light-hearted rom-com about female genital manipulation (and truthfully, aren't we all?) this baby fits the bill. I recommend it especially for the frigid, the lusty, the sexually-curious and history buffs. Two vibes straight up!