Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's ok to give a guy a break

In January 1995, a research rocket was launched from Norway to study the aurora borealis. Boris Yeltsin was the Russian President and Russian officials, detecting the launch, mistakenly believed the incident signaled a US missile attack from a submarine. Yeltsin was brought the Russian nuclear-command suitcase and he was faced with the ungodly decision of launching a counter-attack against the United States. Long story short, he correctly decided the reports must be a mistake and life continued to along as usual. Thank you, Boris Yeltsin!

Very scary story, wonderful outcome. Again, thank you, Boris Yeltsin. Having said that, I've never seen this incident reported (on American television) without a wise-cracking addendum like "Phew - I'm glad he hadn't had his morning vodka yet" or "Thank god - it was early and he was sober."

I admit I have, at best, an 8th grader's understanding of 1990's Russian politics and I know Yeltsin was not a popular Russian president. But, I think it's frivolous and (I'm likely making up a word here - lol) unelegant to joke about something so serious. Actually, to joke about two things - a potential nuclear attack and a government official's drinking habits - in light of the gravity of the matter.

I don't really have more to add. It's just been on my mind recently - bothering me. You can read more about the incident here.

On a much, MUCH lighter note, Happy Holidays! :) lol

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wild Riversurfing

This is the craziest river-surfing I've ever seen - in Switzerland no less!