Thursday, January 6, 2011

Man's answer to the push-up bra

This makes me giggle with glee. Really.

I've occasionally wondered if a man ever feels cheated or wholly deceived when he unmasks a tit-set (yup - I said it - tit-set) from one of those Victoria Secret bras that promises a TWO cup-size increase. Bras, when fitted properly, can be miracle workers, magical anti-gravity machines, restoring youthful perkiness and hiding all sorts of nasty natural phenomenon that plague aging boobies. But men - listen up - Andrew Christian's come to your rescue!

The saying "Don't get mad - get even" comes into play with the designer's set of mens underwear that includes a soft, cushy cup in the shape of a penis. Y'all can now rock your own version of "I'm pretending to be more stereotypically sexually-appealing than my genes dictate." The brief's design even outlines a very prominent penis head. O....M....G!

Now, I confess - as I meander through this life, mostly in very polite society, the sight of such a bulge with a head clearly visible makes me question the bearer's common sense. The phrase "cover that sh*t UP" comes to mind. But candidly, if I've had a couple of drinks and find the bulge-owner attractive in other respects, I think I just might be intrigued and curious to learn more. lol

These magically-enhancing undies can be seen (and purchased) here at Andrew Christian's site.

I'd love to see just one set in person. Hell, I might even try 'em on.