Monday, December 31, 2012

Full Throttle Chocolate!

I have eaten more chocolate this month than the entire rest of 2012 combined. (Does that turn you on? I'm guessing no ... lol) All this chocolate-eating is due to Christmas parties, getting gifts of candy, and seeing one particular friend a few times, with whom I traditionally share a choice bottle of red wine and an equally distinguished dark chocolate bar, size large.

Chocolate is generally not on my radar. I don't crave it, rarely eat it under normal circumstances, never seek it out. I'm fortunate though that I can eat it in almost unholy amounts and not gain an ounce. Thank you, high metabolism.

While googling the health benefits of chocolate, I unearthed this sweet little treat in Beverly Hills, for the hardcore chocolate lover. This little outfit offers 1.5 hour walking tours along Rodeo Drive (pronounced row-day-oh - not row-dee-oh, as in a rodeo with cowboy wranglers and grumpy bulls. This mis-pronunciation is the quickest way to spot an out-of-towner, but I digress ....) and the surrounding area of the "historic chocolate shops" of Beverly Hills. Free samples are available at each of the 9 shops visited and you'll learn all about this yummy dark seducer.

I haven't taken the tour yet, but with Valentine's Day around the corner, I offer this to you as a great gift idea for the beloved chocoholic in your life.