Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Population Reaching 7B

I found this interesting app on the BBC website. As our earth's population reaches another milestone, don't you ever wonder where you fit it? How many people came before you? How many people have been alive on earth from the beginning of time? (I'll leave any discussion of religion out of this. :) Which country is growing the fastest? Which country is shrinking in population? You can click here, type in your birthday and see where you fit into our world's population history. Very cool indeed. For even more info, visit the UN Population Fund's site - 7 billion and me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

But wait - It gets even better!

So this is a continuation of my last post - sort of. I've come to find out that people hoop for lobsters off of the kayaks I mentioned below. Brilliant! Lobster season started earlier this month and a recreational license will set you back just $7. You have to go at night and being near a jetty or a protected cove helps. There's a cove off Catalina that's particularly good, though I admit I haven't been there ... yet. Bait the hoop net, throw it overboard, wait about half an hour and see what you catch. 20 feet of water should be deep enough to trap. Sounds like an adventure!