Wednesday, August 8, 2012

People Who Just Had Sex

For a day or two after I lost my virginity, I was convinced people would be able to tell, just by looking at me. I very clearly remember sitting in a restaurant, not being able to look the waitress in the eye. I sheepishly gave my order and told myself to "ACT AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE!" Makes me giggle now to remember it. :-)

And it wasn't actually just the first time, but more like the first few times before I didn't feel like I had a giant sign over me, proclaiming "I just had sex and want that to remain a secret!" Out of an ultra-self-conscious adolescent mix of modesty, curiosity and fear, I'd look at others to see if anyone showed any tell-tale signs of recent effing. Nope. None. And it's true to this day: I've never looked at another human being and thought, "Awwwww, you just lost your virginity." lol

There's that nebulous time between finishing love-making and being seen again in public. Several hours for those who roll over and go to sleep, all the way down to a split-second (or less) for the thrill-seekers of sex in public. Not my cup. I need at least a few minutes to pull myself together, to hide that WOW-factor. ;-)

Enter Vice magazine's new interview series "People Who Just Had Sex." Each short episode is an interview with a couple immediately after sex, describing what they did. No room for shyness here. The vibe of the videos is sweet and very, very relaxed - not surprising with the Post-O glow. The discussion is graphic and candid. I liked seeing people still body-drunk from their lover. Sexy. You can watch the videos here.