Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seaplane to East Hampton

The Standard Hotel Group has added a concierge Cessna 208 seaplane to its' offerings at their NYC property, but you don't need to be a hotel guest to fly. The seaplane shuttles between the 23rd Street NY Skyports Marina in Manhattan and East Hampton and runs during the summer months only, smartly so. :) The website states tickets run $495 per person one-way but if your schedule's flexible, you can apparently shave off a significant amount of the ticket price by "playing the flight board." (I'm not actually sure what all is involved with that ... my apologies.) The website claims off-peak flights can get as low as $29 per person one way, so bargain fun-hunters need not feel snubbed. In any event, it's an unusual antidote to Hampton traffic gridlock. You can learn more about it here. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Population Reaching 7B

I found this interesting app on the BBC website. As our earth's population reaches another milestone, don't you ever wonder where you fit it? How many people came before you? How many people have been alive on earth from the beginning of time? (I'll leave any discussion of religion out of this. :) Which country is growing the fastest? Which country is shrinking in population? You can click here, type in your birthday and see where you fit into our world's population history. Very cool indeed. For even more info, visit the UN Population Fund's site - 7 billion and me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

But wait - It gets even better!

So this is a continuation of my last post - sort of. I've come to find out that people hoop for lobsters off of the kayaks I mentioned below. Brilliant! Lobster season started earlier this month and a recreational license will set you back just $7. You have to go at night and being near a jetty or a protected cove helps. There's a cove off Catalina that's particularly good, though I admit I haven't been there ... yet. Bait the hoop net, throw it overboard, wait about half an hour and see what you catch. 20 feet of water should be deep enough to trap. Sounds like an adventure!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kayak Love

I'm doing it again. Fetishizing transportation. lol This time it's a kayak/sailboat hybrid. Now I'm not a fan of sea kayaking. I don't like feeling like a little twig, meandering on the vast ocean. Too slow, too vulnerable. This meaty beauty, however, is something to love. It's a kayak with 2 outriggers, a sail, and pedals (similar to a recumbent bike) to power the boat forward. No more paddling - WOW! (I realize I may be offending the purists among us and I'm okay with that - lol) It'll take about 5 hours to get to Catalina and I've just added that challenge to my bucket list. And since your hands are free, you can catch dinner on the ride over. Brilliant! You can learn more about these 1 or 2-person hybrids via Hobie Cat.

Here's an on-board view of this baby at sea.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No more blisters for the band?

Italian product designer Max Battaglia has unveiled his Hyper Touch Guitar. It's a touch screen instrument with no strings. Via it's on-board interface, you can tweak the guitar's number of strings, tone, volume, etc.

I both wonder how it sounds and fear that in a couple generations, the acoustic stringed instrument will be relegated to the position of relic. I hope this isn't the case!!!!! You can read more about his designs at

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Man's answer to the push-up bra

This makes me giggle with glee. Really.

I've occasionally wondered if a man ever feels cheated or wholly deceived when he unmasks a tit-set (yup - I said it - tit-set) from one of those Victoria Secret bras that promises a TWO cup-size increase. Bras, when fitted properly, can be miracle workers, magical anti-gravity machines, restoring youthful perkiness and hiding all sorts of nasty natural phenomenon that plague aging boobies. But men - listen up - Andrew Christian's come to your rescue!

The saying "Don't get mad - get even" comes into play with the designer's set of mens underwear that includes a soft, cushy cup in the shape of a penis. Y'all can now rock your own version of "I'm pretending to be more stereotypically sexually-appealing than my genes dictate." The brief's design even outlines a very prominent penis head. O....M....G!

Now, I confess - as I meander through this life, mostly in very polite society, the sight of such a bulge with a head clearly visible makes me question the bearer's common sense. The phrase "cover that sh*t UP" comes to mind. But candidly, if I've had a couple of drinks and find the bulge-owner attractive in other respects, I think I just might be intrigued and curious to learn more. lol

These magically-enhancing undies can be seen (and purchased) here at Andrew Christian's site.

I'd love to see just one set in person. Hell, I might even try 'em on.