Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kitchen Surfing

I know people hire private chefs but I never knew how one would find a private chef - except maybe through word of mouth, a domestic agency or a google search, I suppose. Well, today I stumbled upon the website Kitchensurfing. It's a reservation service that connects personal chefs with foodies. Private chefs post about their food specialties/style and foodies can scheduled online an evening meal prepared in their own home. The chef will come to you and cook in your kitchen. Really, really like this way of finding and scheduling a chef!

Secondly, if you have an outstandingly-beautiful home yourself, you can rent your kitchen/dining room out to chefs and other foodies for an evening's meal. As the home owner, you could either rent for cash or a seat at the table for that meal. I can't imagine that someone with a gorgeous home would likely opt to rent out their kitchen for shekels. The intrusion just wouldn't be worth it. However, I definitely CAN see how socially-adventurous people would be interested in joining their visitors for a meal. Frankly, this is particularly good for the well-heeled yet socially-isolated, lonely or *gulp* agoraphobic.

The site also includes chef reviews and pictures. Really brilliant ........ More info at KithenSurfing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

"The Viagra Condom"

An ingenious development in safer-sex technology. The Durex company has created a condom featuring a special gel on the inside of the condom that increases blood flow to the penis, thereby increasing the strength of a man's erection.  Wearing the condom has essentially the same effect as taking a blue pill. The company is seeking product approval in Britain and I'm hoping this little beauty finds it way to stores in America. (It's not currently available in the U.S.)  Gentleman - meet the CDS500 condom.