Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Experiments in Bio-hacking and Tiny Panties

Hi folks! Just a very quick note to catch you up on happenings with me.

I spent my summer dabbling in bio-hacking a la The Bulletproof executive. If you're interested in nutrition - specifically making small, nutritional changes to improve mental and physical capacity - your time would be well-spent perusing the Bulletproof blog. There's ALOT of good info there - regardless of whether you choose to buy any of his products. (And I didn't btw) .

Secondly - A panty review! I got my paws on a pair of these C-string undies. (The faster a girl's panties can come off, the better, right?) Well - it turns out I'm just too tall for them. (And I never thought a person could be too TALL for panties but apparently I am.) They're edged with flat, semi-moldable plastic tubing to keep their shape. The c-string did it's noble best to cling to me, hugging me in front and behind but sadly, walking was completely out of the question. One step and they'd drop an inch and/or pinch my Lady Jane. I think if I had a shorter rise (and the plastic tubing was softer) they would stay in place and be comfy. If you're curious to learn more - they're available on Amazon here.