Thursday, May 26, 2016

Looking for a sex therapist in SoCal

There are 1000 different reasons a man would seek out paid companionship. One reason I've heard a handful of times is that "my pyschotherapist suggested I see an escort." I'm always grateful when I learn someone has found their way to me through a therapist's referral.

Over time, I've come to understand the therapeutic and healing properties of paid companionship for a man - especially when a relationship is cultivated over the course of months or years. I confess that when I started escorting, I had very little idea of the myriad of ways female companionship could help a man heal.

However, I sometimes hit a road block. Or more accurately, a person I'm seeing hits a road block.

I'm speaking specifically of fetishists. Best as I've been able to  discern - there are 3 ways that a fetishist can feel about their fetish.
  1. They love indulging their fetish and don't hide it from others.
  2. They love indulging their fetish but DO hide it from others.
  3. They feel their fetish impedes - in some way - their ability to feel "normal" in their relationships and this is source of great angst.
And it's for "Group #3" that I write today. I am seeking a referral to one or more sex therapists in Los Angeles/Orange County that have expertise in the area of fetishes. I don't know much about the sex therapy industry in Southern California. But I do know a few men who want help with their fetish - help that I can't provide. If you are - or know of - a legit sex therapist in Southern California, please send the therapist's contact info/CV/website link to me at

Thank you so much for your help!  

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